Self Compressed Reverb

Self Compressed Reverb – Make Your Sounds Huge (Free Download)

Another Free Rack Wednesday. This week we got a cool little trick from the EDM world.

We all want our sounds to be Hugh. One way is to put a big reverb on them. The problem is, With a lot of long reverb the sound loose focus and might sound too washed.

One trick that can keep our sounds in focus is the use a reverb that is side chain compressed (or gated) to the original sound.

In other words every time the original sounds play the reverb get turned down in volume. So you will only hear the reverb when the original sound is not playing.

You have to try it for your self. I’ve used Live’s built in reverb for compatibility reasons but this trick can work with any reverb.

The Rack have two chains. One dry and one wet with the reverb and compressor. The compressor is already routed to the Dry chain so it doesn’t matter on which track you load it, it should already be routed correctly.

Self Compressed Reverb Side Chain



Amount: Send Amount

Size: Reverb Decay time



1. Double click on the downloaded file to open it up in Ableton Live

2. Click on the Save button at the top right corner of the device to save to your User Library

Self Compressed Reverb

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  • Rook Murao

    hey Yeuda,

    thanks for posting and sharing another awesome abRack!

    so I’m thinking this would be good on vocal tracks, like sounding upfront in the mix until the verse ends, then the reverb tail appears suddenly for a blend into the breakdown or chorus (and many more usage)? it would be cool to see/hear how you use it in your mix :)

    happy holidays!

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