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Guitar Strummer – Realistic Strumming for all Instruments (Free Download)

This week Free Rack Wednesday is a double feature. First check out this guitar version of Cheat Sheet for Ableton’s Chord MIDI effect.

Ableton Chord MIDI Effect Cheat Sheet Guitar Chord Version thumbnail


For this week, I’ve build a MIDI Effect Rack to let you take any instrument and strum it like a real guitar with real guitar chord voicing.

Check out the cheat sheet blog post for more info about the differences between guitar and piano chords.

Guitar Strummer devices


The rack lets you switch between 16 common guitar chords. This rack was designed to be used with sampled guitar sounds like the Guitar & Bass Live Pack. But you can use any instrument you’d like.


Strum Speed – How fast the notes strum

Strum Length – Length of each plucked note

Dynamic Articulate – Add Velocity Randomness

Note Separate – Make each note shorter

Chord Selector – Switch Between 16 common guitar chords



1. Double click on the downloaded file to open it up in Ableton Live

2. Click on the Save button at the top right corner of the device to save to your User Library

3. To use the MIDI Effect Rack make sure to load an instrument after the Guitar Strummer

Guitar Strummer

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