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Exclusive Free Drum Rack from Mode Audio

This Free Rack Wednesday is a first. I usually make Audio and MIDI effect racks but this week I got a reach out from Mode Audio who makes really great sample packs. They asked me to make an exclusive Drum Rack using one of their sample packs.
Of course I couldn’t not use an entire commercial pack but I did got my hands on a selection of  heavy processed sounds from their Ignition pack.

This Drum Rack comes in a form of a sound selector for each drum element. Meaning you can use the first Macro to switch between different sounds of the same category.


Mode Audio Kit Selector


I’ve also added my Channel Strip Rack to each pad to give easy and efficient drum processing control.

Mode Audio were also kind enough to provide this blog’s readers with a 15% off their products. Simply use the code BRAIN15 at checkout.


Selector – Change the sound for the selected pad

Trigger/Gate – Switch between trigger and gate paying mode for the selected pad

Fade In – Create a fade in

Fade Out – Create a fade out

Filter – Filter Cutoff Frequency

Filter Type – Morph between LP/BP/HP/N

Pitch – Change the pitch of the selected sample

Volume – Change the output volume of the Simpler


For more details about the channel strip go HERE



  1. Unzip the file
  2. Open up the Ableton Project and save the Drum Rack as a preset


*Works with 9.6 and higher

Mode Audio Kit


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