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Compose EDM Chord Progression with One Note (Premium Download)


Without going to deep into music theory. A very popular EDM chord voicing type actually comes from Jazz. It’s a basic technique where we play the root note of the chord and the major/minor interval an octave higher.

If you don’t know music theory you can still use this technique. I’ve made a rack that does all of this and more in one MIDI rack.


To start using the rack:

1. Load any sound to an Empty MIDI Track

2. Load the Minor or Major EDM Chord Voicing Rack.

3. Start hitting notes!

This is a great rack for quickly coming up with great sounding progressions and melodies that can work in many styles.



Voicing Type – Switch Between open, closed and inverted voicing

Power 5th – Adds the 5th interval to every chord

9th Color – Adds the 9th interval to every chord

Scale Key – Choose the key signature of the progression

Melody On/Off – Turn on the melody generator

Melody Octave – How many octaves above the chords the melody will play

Melody Choices – How many melody choices the melody generator can choose from

Side Brain – special knob that turn on an arpeggiator to repeat each note twice.


In Ableton Live you can use the Info View (CMD+? or CNTRL+?) to get more info on each Macro   Next, I’ll post a video about recording all the MIDI data to a new MIDI track so you can see and record every note the EDM chord voicing rack is playing.



1. Unzip the downloaded file

2. Double click on the downloaded files to open it up in Ableton Live

3. Click on the Save button at the top right corner of each device


System Requirements

Ableton Live 9 or higher


Recording MIDI from the Racks

When using this racks you will only have to play one note at a time and you won’t see what notes are actually coming out of the rack. I got a lot of comments and emails asking how to record all the MIDI notes the rack is creating. Here is a short video tutorial. Let me know if you have any more questions





  • Jave

    I was just browsing thru youtube when i came across your video. this sounds like it is a good plug-in. Saw the video so it was pretty self explanatory.

    i will purchase this product but got a few questions

    1. is it $3 USD?
    2. Will it run on Ableton v8.1 ? I’m using a PC


  • S. Smith

    Hi, about to purchase but want to make sure the recording video you mentioned is either on its way or easy to navigate on my own?


  • S. Smith

    I ended up purchasing anyway because it really does seem awesome. Still would like to know about how to record to a new track with it when you have time

    Thanks for this and the rest of the amazing stuff you do here

  • AudioDevil

    Where is the download for the EDM chord voicing rack? Can´t find it:( Maybe I´ve gone blind;) Sorry. Thanks for helping out.

  • James

    Hi – is there anyway this macro can be used in either a VST with macros (IE Massive) or be used/developed for FL studios macros?

    The macro looks awesome man – I don’t use Abelton but I would still love to use it!

      • James

        Hey thanks so much for the response.

        To clarify though – I actually meant is there anyway to use this macro outside of Ableton.

        For instance – Massive has eight macro controllers built into it, just like your Ableton rack. In the past, all I have ever seen these macros control were combinations of knobs within Massive. I am wondering whether the Macro you built in Ableton could somehow be used within a VST like Massive.

        If the above would not be possible, I am wondering if the logic you applied to the macro could be used within another host program like FL – I am guessing you may not know the answer to this though. So I am wondering if you would you mind explaining a bit about how you made this macro? Do the knobs within your macro modify pitch knobs or do they actually control keys within Ableton? For the chord section, I am guessing the macro is simply linked to notes that can be turned on and off. But for the melody section are these midi files that you somehow have layered on or is it a random note generator within the scale? I hope these questions make sense…. Any help you can provide on this would be great awesome to hear – I am not trying to develop anything to sell, would just like to try to make something like this that would work for my set-up. Even though I can’t use the synth, I would be more than happy to pay for it if you could tell me a little about the logic behind so I could maybe try make something like it even though I have no experience with this sort of thing.

        Thanks again – just found your site and the stuff you are doing is awesome man! Either way keep up the great work!

  • B

    This is a gem! I made an idea in literally 2 minutes after using this rack. Thank you for creating it. Quick question, are you going to provide more tutorials with an overview on how each knob works? That would be awesome if you can. Thanks again.

  • Morgan

    Man, great idea, great work. Love your plugin.

    Can you please provide links to the musical theroy that lays behind ? Like the tip you mentioned about playing the third an octave higher.
    Thank you !

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