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Cheat Sheet for Ableton Live Chord MIDI Effect | Guitar Chord Version (Free Download)

I’ve made another version of the Chord Cheat Sheet. Download the first version here

This version is for guitar chords.

Guitar Chords vs. Piano Chords

Guitar chords are voiced differently from Piano chords. Meaning they are using the same notes but place them differently across the octaves and repeat them in different ways.

For example, Here is a C major piano chord.

C Major Piano Chord | 2016-01-27 15-01-31


We have the notes: C E G


And here is a common way to play a C major chord on the guitar

C major Guitar Chords Chart


As we can see the voicing is different although we still have the same three notes: C E G but they are played in a different order and a few notes are repeated.


Using this different guitar voicing I’ve made a cheat sheet for all the basic chords using realistic guitar notes distribution.

Chord Cheat Sheet Guitar Version


To use the guitar chords voicing in a more realistic way check out GUITAR STRUMMER


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