Track Numbers - Device

Track Numbers – Free Max for Live Device from Beat Lab

This week I don’t have a rack for you guys for Free Rack Wednesday but I do have a very cool gift in the form of a very useful free Max for Live device.

This is an exclusive from Beat Lab Academy, A modern music production school I opened up a year ago.

If you’re in Los Angeles and are into music production I highly recommend checking it out. Beat Lab also offers free monthly workshops.

This device is very simple but very useful when dealing with big project with high track number.

You can put it on any track. Once you click the only button on the device all the tracks in the projects will be automatically numbered.

So when ever you are dealing with routing menus you can go from this:

Track Numbers - Not Numbered


To this:

Track Numbers - After


Much better.

The track numbers are also dynamic so if you change the position of a track the number will change accordingly.


Free Download from Beat Lab’s website.


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