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Multi-Stage Analog Drive – You Need This (Free Download)

Yet another Free Rack Wednesday. This week we continue our journey into “analog” worlds.

I’ve made a serial processing effect rack which includes 5 overdrives and glue compressor stages.

Each stage adds a tiny bit more compression and as much drive as you want.

At the end of the chain I’ve put an Analog Filter and a Saturator to function as a Clipper/Maximizer.

All compressors are set to oversampling and Saturator is set to hi-quality mode.


Multi-stage analog inside rack


You will hear the rack works the minute you load it on something.

Play around with the different drive stage to get all kinds of distorted/saturated tones.

I think this rack can help any sound become beefier and more interesting. Especially on drums, bass (don’t forget to add a sub layer since the analog drive may take away the low end) and vocals.



1st-5th stage Control the amount of Drive for each stage

Feed Back – Feedback loop of the entire chain.

Analog Circuit РControls the amount of drive for the Auto Filter OSR circuit

Maximize –¬†Controlling¬†the Saturator drive in Analog Clip mode + Another Soft Clip at the output to make sure nothing is clipping.


1. Double click on the downloaded file to open it up in Ableton Live

2. Click on the Save button at the top right corner of the device to save to your User Library


Multi-Stage Analog Drive


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