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Setting Up Cabinet and Amp | Joshua Capser (Free Download)

Ever wanted to have solid guitar amplification inside Ableton Live?

If you have Ableton Suite. You have the Amp and Cabinet Audio Effects.

With initial use it’s easy to notice the sonic difference between the Amp and Cabinet effects to more commercial plugins like Guitar Rig.

Like most thing in Live. Things don’t work just by themselves you need to combine them to create a greater result.


Check out Joshua Casper‘s article on Setting Up Amps & Cabinets for Guitars and you can download a free Guitar FX Rack.

Joshua is showing how to apply guitar processing when using virtual or sampled guitars but this can be applied to recorded guitars as well.

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Joshua Casper is a very talented individual. Beside making great music he also have an awesome website.

You can find there everything from tutorials, templates, free racks, synthesis and even After Effects(!). offers over 100 free Ableton goodies for you to download for free.


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