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Hat Filler – Make Your Hats Not Boring (Free Download)

As we continue with our ongoing Free Rack Wednesday series, Here is a great Effect Rack that can work on any sound but is extremely useful on Hats. Check the video below for a demo.

This Rack will take any sound and will duplicate it an octave lower with various controls over the sound modulation and position in the mix.

The signal chain is: Reverb => Phaser => Grain Delay => Saturator.


The Grain Delay in this rack function as a doubler. A similar rack can also be built with less phasing and reverbing for a more classic doubler effect.

On the same note, Parallel processing effects to fill space in the mix using exciting musical elements can be achieved with many different effects in the same way.


Hope you like it. (Quick tip: This rack is amazing on fast Trap hats)



Back/Forward – Amount of Dry/Wet reverb to send the sound layer to the background

Bed – Decay amount of the reverb

Phasor – Frequency of the Phaser

Saturate – Final Saturation Amount

Spray – Grains Spray

RND Pitch – Random Pitch of Grains

Sync/Time – Switch Between 1ms delay to 1/8 note delay

FeedBack – Amount of feedback (Only works for 1/8 note delay mode)


1. Double click on the downloaded file to open it up in Ableton Live

2. Click on the Save button at the top right corner of the device to save to your User Library

Hat Filler



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