EP FX Suite

EP FX Suite – Essentials Effects for Electric Keyboards (Free Download)

It’s been awhile, been really busy with my school Beat Lab Academy. But it’s time for another Free Rack Wednesday.

I have always loved the sound of electric pianos like the Rhodes and Wurlitzer. For us Ableton Suite users we have a built-in Instrument called Electric which gives us that classic sound although by default it can sound a tiny bit dull.

I’ve made this rack to feature all the essential effects you would need to customize your EP sound for your needs. From subtle tremolo to psychedelic piano sound.

Scroll down for a video demo


Stereo Tremolo – Using ring modulation this knob turns on a stereo tremolo effect. Speed of tremolo change with knob

Wha – Filter Auto Wah

Phaser – Phasing effect

Chorus – Chorus effect for stereo emphasis and thicker sound

Amp – Amp and cabinet combined to enhance keyboard hammer hits

Drive – Overdrive for more harmonics and deeper bass

Delay – Parallel delay for bigger and longer sound. Knob changes delay volume

Glue – Amount of compression before main rack output



1. Double click on the downloaded file to open it up in Ableton Live

2. Click on the Save button at the top right corner of the device to save to your User Library

EP FX Suite


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